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Paragon Kids believes in building partnerships with our parents with the goal to support the overall development of each child. We understand the impact these early years have on their success in academics, social groups, school, careers and professional paths and most importantly, their personal views of themselves as an individual. Our Educators are conscious of every interaction with the understanding that how they speak with the children, their coworkers and parents are a large part of how children learn to effectively communicate. We value respect, individuality and inclusivity.  Respect for children to be children and understand that their main job is to make mistakes and learn from them through careful and intentional guidance from our Educators. We ensure each child is seen for their individuality and celebrate their unique personalities and abilities. At Paragon we understand the importance of early intervention and that implementing support for potential learning delays early on can drastically improve or eliminate potential life long struggles. We strive to give every child the best start to their futures in an environment full of love and respect while also doing our best to be environmentally conscious. 

Ashley Hendriksen, ECE IT SN

Studied Early Childhood Education


Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

Ashley has been working in child care for close to 15 years, her experience has varied from classroom roles, management roles, one to one client roles as well as opening several programs for large child care companies as a Director and through consulting. 
Ashley is originally from Thamesford, Ontario but she also spent 6 years living in Calgary, Alberta. She moved to BC in 2017 for a career opportunity and quickly fell in love with Squamish where she now calls home with her partner Matt, two daughters, Naomi and Saskia and her fury best friend, Benson.
Paragon Kids was created from a place of true passion and through Ashley's personal experiences woking in childcare. She strives to be unique in how Paragon operates to combat deep rooted flaws within the industry. She prioritizes Educators, inclusion, the environmental impact the program has and the detail put into the care provided as well as the atmosphere created for our children to learn and grow in. 

Ashley Hendriksen, Matt Belzile
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