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Paragon Kids Inc. brings nature indoors and focuses on a nature-based learning environment. We emphasize our learning around an Emergent Curriculum, allowing children to learn through play and their interactions with their peers. We foster building a child’s emotional IQ as a foundation to lifelong learning. Interpersonal and intrapersonal are key factors in strengthening a child's emotional IQ. These terms are used interchangeably, however, they have very distinct differences. The word “inter” means between and the word “intra” means within, this means interpersonal involves two or more people, where intrapersonal only involves one’s self. When we look at a child with strong intrapersonal skills, we see them able to self-regulate, having initiative and curiosity about the world around them. They have positive ideas about themselves as an individual and understand their strengths and weaknesses while feeling confident about both. When we look at a child with strong interpersonal skills, we see conflict management, teamwork, listening and strong communication. Both inter and intrapersonal skills play a huge role in the developing minds of young children. They learn skills to navigate social situations and develop curious learning behaviours that strengthen their creative and critical thinking skills. This foundation they will carry with them throughout childhood and into their adult lives promoting success in academics, careers and relationships. Paragon Kids Inc. will offer additional programs such as yoga, meditation and drama to further support the development and strengthening of these skills. These programs will enhance children's gross motor development, body awareness, sensory exploration and build self-confidence. Paragon Kids will foster school ready academics by providing children the knowledge base to set them on the path to success when entering elementary school. Each classroom is equipped with PK Toolboxes. These toolboxes allow children the freedom to feel and express their emotions in a safe environment while helping them to recognize them and create healthy coping skills. Children will learn self-help and self-regulation by accessing the toolbox, it will also allow children to get the most out of their day by recognizing, coping, and moving on to enjoy learning within their environment and with their peers.

We understand that every interaction we have with our children is impactful of how they learn, grow and develop. As the saying goes "treat others as you would hope to be treated yourself", we treat children with respect and honour their unique qualities, cultures, strengths and interests. It's our mission to foster the development of strong, secure children and young adults. We understand that as they experience their new world and social environment that they will be presented opportunities that, when guided carefully, can help develop strong social skills, empathy, motivation, self-awareness and self-regulation. Our Educators understand how to read the cues of each child and provide thoughtful guidance through conflict when necessary and understanding when to allow children the opportunity to work through and practice conflict resolution on their own. To ensure we are actively fulfilling our promise to prioritize each child's unique needs as they begin to build a world outside the home our Educators receive monthly one on one training sessions with our Behaviour Specialist, Alyssa Robertson O'Leary. In addition to working with our Educators, Alyssa also works with our parents providing parent workshops every other month.

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Paragon Kids Inc. has teamed up with a children's yoga and breath work enthusiast to design our very own yoga and meditation curriculum. Children will practice mindful breathing and meditation every day and partake in yoga and meditation classes every week. Practicing both yoga and meditation fall inline with our core values of strengthening children's emotional IQ. Benefits of meditation and yoga for children are increased attention, self-regulation, boosts confidence and happiness, increased coordination and body awareness and much much more. 

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Paragon Kids Inc. highlights the importance of nature and brings the outside in. We have designed a natural environment with neutral and nature based color tones incorporating live plants throughout the centre. Children will take part in caring for plants helping them to learn science, nature and how to care for our planet. Studies have shown that indoor plants improve air quality, reduce illness, increase oxygen, focus and attentiveness. Our classrooms are carefully thought out and designed with children and caregivers in mind within in every meticulous detail. Our purpose built centre provides a safe and enriching environment for our children to play, grow, make mistakes, get messy and explore in. 

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